A special film project of mine, KEN – THE MOVIE , is nearing the end of its initial research phase. Since it is an experimental film outside the standard filmmaking channels, I’m writing to tell you about the project and to invite you to support us by subscribing to our newsletter.

The film’s cinematic techniques and its peculiar blend of reality and fiction are constant elements in my work. KEN-THE MOVIE is a film that allows me to play with these components in new and direct ways; it is a necessary step in my maturing as a director that my future films – TOUCHED (WT) and MY SISTER (WT) – will certainly benefit from.

The character of KEN is played by the acclaimed musician Ken Stringfellow. A founding member of the indie band The Posies, he has also worked with acts like R.E.M. and Big Star. Our first meeting was in 2004. Ken was in Cologne promoting a recent album and gave a solo performance at a local bar. I was impressed by the intimacy he conveyed during the show, as he often got very close to the audience in an effort to make himself understood. At one point, he even pulled me onstage to answer some questions. We have been friends ever since.

Now, 12 years into the friendship, we have decided to make a film together. Fittingly, it is about what I saw in Ken that first time we met: his longing, his tireless search for recognition by people who can reflect his own frame of mind. Going beyond his onstage persona, the film will explore how Ken has come to need this very intense form of contact.

Like the creative process with CHI L’HA VISTO (Who Saw Him), my last feature film, the real life Ken provides the basis for a fictionalized version of himself. In the gaps between character, script, screen, and audience, real elements will dance with fictional ones – this interplay will not only raise questions for the relationship between reality and fiction, but also for the nature of filmmaking itself.

The easiest way you can support KEN – THE MOVIE is by subscribing to our newsletter. Soon we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign, and it would be great if you could support us through that too. You can follow and share our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages — any and all support is appreciated.


Claudia Rorarius

(director / producer)

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